Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Acura's Story" (From The Dengeki Nintendo Magazine)

Inti Creates is no stranger to releasing side-story content for their games. For Gunvolt alone they've released two drama track CDs (with another coming soon), a side-story that was expanded upon every week for a couple months (which is also scheduled to continue), and a short epilogue in the official Gunvolt soundtrack that narrated Acura's fate following the true ending of the first game.

Suffice to say that Inti's been very generous with behind-the-scenes story information, particularly regarding Acura. And surprise surprise, they've recently published another bit of Gunvolt side-story content exclusive to the Japanese Dengeki Nintendo magazine!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Inti Creates Releasing Elise and Merak Drama Track CD *UPDATED*

Inti Creates recently announced that another Gunvolt drama track CD is on the way. This disc, entitled "Lazy Kingdom" will cover the stories of the bosses Merak and Elise, similarly to how the "Justice Rage" drama tracks detailed the story of Daytona. This CD will go up for pre-sale at Inti Creates' "Morpho Super Live 2016" event, Afterwards, it will likely be made available on Inti-Direct and, among other places.
UPDATE: The official release date has been announced by Inti Creates on Twitter: January 28. They also released the official cover-art for the CD, which you can see above.

Gotta say, the concept of a series of drama tracks focused on Elise and Merak really intrigues me, especially if they center around the pre-Sumeragi stories of the characters. It could be really interesting to see what Elise's personality was like prior to when it got split in two (or three). Honestly, the only other boss that I think would be more interesting to explore in terms of personality would be Stratos. What the heck was he like before he turned into the crazy, half-starved monster we know today?

At any rate, I think we'll definitely be seeing the mean side of Sumeragi in this drama track series for the first time. Gotta say, when I listened to "Justice Rage", I was rather surprised at how calm and rational Shiden and Iota sounded. If I didn't know anything about Gunvolt prior to listening to the track, I honestly don't think I'd have known they were villains. With Elise's background being explored in "Lazy Kingdom", however, we'll likely be getting into really dark stuff. After all, we're talking about a girl who was held prisoner by Sumeragi and treated no better than a lab rat.
In an attempt to draw out Elise's immense septimal power, Sumeragi implanted her brain with a more aggressive personality. This resulted in her developing a split-personality that manifested itself in reality. With the advent of this development, Elise went berserk and decimated the Sumeragi research facility where she was being held.

Yeah... like I said, dark stuff. It should be really interesting to see how Inti explores this story in the drama track. Color me very intrigued!