Friday, May 29, 2015

"Smoldering Flames" Drama Track Translated by Eclipse

Eclipse5632 of GameFAQs has recently finished translating the first drama track in the Gunvolt Justice Rage album, "Smoldering Flames", into English. The Justice Rage tracks were already covered by another fan on Youtube earlier this month, but admittedly, the translations were a bit on the rough side. There were some lines that just sounded awkward or couldn't be understood at all, which was unfortunate.
Eclipse has thankfully remedied this problem by providing an extremely clear and thorough translation of the first track, however. Personally, I discovered a few new things that I hadn't caught previously, such as the fact that the members of Daytona's gang have a signature handkerchief. That's actually something that has a bit of significance in another Gunvolt scenario. That's the subject for a future post, though.

Eclipse will also be tackling the other drama tracks in the near future. Needless to say, when those come out, you can count on this page covering them!
Major props to Eclipse for taking the time to do this!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

What's Gino's Septima?

One thing that I always found strange in Gunvolt was how Gino's septima was never addressed, even in the Japanese version of the game. To all appearances, he seems to be an adept, but he never mentions, displays, or even hints at any specific, unique ability that he has. Not even his official art, which pictures him dual-wielding two guns, gives you any real idea. Why is this? Honestly, I don't know. The game takes care to mention that Monica is one of the only humans in Feather, so you'd think that Gino has to be an adept with some special skill. And yet, even when he's talking to you in the heat of combat, telling you that he'd just dodged an enemy attack by a hair (and so forth), he only jokes around making references to various things in Japanese pop culture.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Who Was The First Azure Striker?

As you may or may not know, in the JP version of Gunvolt, the true final boss (whom we won't mention by name here to avoid spoilers) mentions something very intriguing about the origin of the Azure Strikers in his battle dialogue. According to him, the first adept with that power was discovered long ago, deep in a South American jungle. With their septima, the "Azure Strikers" were able to control electrons at will, allowing them to conjure powerful bolts of lightning to attack, and move swiftly by manipulating magnetic fields. What made their ability most important, however, was that they were able to freely control electronic devices. It was apparently the ultimate power in an age dominated by electronics.

Monday, May 11, 2015

On the Naga and Orochi: My Two Favorite Weapons in Gunvolt

I think these two videos epitomize the usefulness of my two favorite weapons in Azure Striker Gunvolt: the Naga and the Orochi. The first video shows a 5-combo that I performed after shooting a Naga pierce-shot through a row of boxes, and the second shows a 6-combo that I nailed by carefully calculating the placement of each Orochi bullet. (Note: You can't see all the enemies on-screen)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy 19th Anniversary, Inti Creates!

This isn't exactly Gunvolt-related, but I just wanted to take a few moments to acknowledge the 19th anniversary of my favorite video game company of all-time, Inti Creates! Yep, on May 8, 1996, Inti was officially founded in Ichikawa, Chiba in Japan, under the leadership of Takuya Aizu. To this day they've continued to develop incredible action-platforming games that've made a significant mark on the gaming industry, and I seriously hope they continue to produce such high-quality titles!

Keep fighting, Inti Creates! For everlasting peace!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Secret Icons in Azure Striker Gunvolt

Azure Striker Gunvolt is one of those games that appears to be very straightforward from the get-go, but in reality, houses a truckload of interesting secrets that, when found, can (or cannot) be of great assistance to you. I'll give you an example: Do you remember those hovering lights in the dark sections of Elise's stage? The ones that you can push with your electricity? At the beginning of the second part of that stage, you can push the first light backwards into a force barrier for an extra 1000 kudos! There's probably a ton of things like that in the game that players haven't even found yet, because they're so well-hidden. I'm about to cover a specific series of some of these secrets, though, that I like to call "icons".

Inti Unveils 4 New Tentative Gunvolt T-shirt Designs

The official Japanese Gunvolt Twitter and Facebook accounts have just unveiled four new tentative t-shirt designs created by official Gunvolt artist Yoshitaka Hatakeyama. While these are just in the planning stages for now, Inti says that we may see them come around if there's sufficient demand. So hey, sound off on either Facebook or Twitter and let them know which design you think is the best! Personally, I'm loving all of 'em so far!
In addition to the design above, there are also these three to choose from:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Admiration to Peace" Drama Track Translations

The "Admiration to Peace" drama tracks are more comedic-themed than the "Justice Rage" tracks. They follow various events of the "Feather" ("Quill") members, mostly focusing on Joule. There's not a whole lot of story relevance, but like the Joule conversations, they give you a much better look at the personalities of the "Feather" characters. Not to mention, they're just so dang hilarious! I highly recommend that you all check 'em out!
Also, by way of these tracks, we find out the invincible Gunvolt's one true weakness: have a 13-year-old school girl push him into a stack of boxes. :P

The translations are kinda rough, but they're understandable for the most part. You can find them in 8 parts here:
Ninja Arts
Residual Song

Credit to E45LP3 on Youtube for translating these!

"Justice Rage" Drama Track Translations

The drama tracks on the "Justice Rage" album focus on the Sumeragi group. They primarily tell of Daytona's (Viper's) first encounter with Shiden (Nova), his feelings before that fateful meeting, and how he was brought on board Sumeragi. It also contains a conversation between Shiden and Iota (Jota) regarding the "swords" that Sumeragi members use to transform, and lastly, an episode where Shiden thinks back to the past and recalls the "Project Gunvolt" experiments.

The translations are kinda rough, but they're understandable for the most part. You can find them in 6 parts here:
Smoldering Flames
Shiden's Reminiscence
Sword Holders
Flame & Water
Justice & Rage
Daytona's Ignition

Credit to E45LP3 on Youtube for translating these!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Streak" Stage Dialogue

"Streak" Stage Dialogue:


Ashimov: I will confirm the mission objectives again. GV is to break through into the reclaimed island and take care of their visible defense forces. Meanwhile the rest of us will jack the controls of the orbital elevator. Once control of the orbital elevator has been obtained, GV can be sent up to space with the elevator. This operation will be called "Cyber Diva Rescue".

Gino: Nihihi! Tha' sounds good to me! We're going to go rescue the target that we were to eliminate the other time?

Ashimov: ...The battle over the Cyber Diva that began that day, we shall settle it with our own hands. Good luck!

Inti Creates' Love For Long-Collared Overcoats

If you've been a fan of Inti Creates for as long as I have, you may have noticed an interesting design aspect that the company has applied to their game characters rather frequently in the past decade or so: long overcoats that extend from the waist down to as low as the character's shins, and usually with a long collar--like the one that Gunvolt famously wears on missions:

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Lone Warrior Lives To Fight Another Day

Pretty cool Copen art, huh? This piece was drawn by official Gunvolt artist Yoshitaka Hatakeyama for the first Gunvolt soundtrack. What's even cooler about this art is that it has a story behind it, though. The Japanese text on the left of Copen gives a short epilogue to the true ending of the first game, which explains Copen's beat-up condition in the picture and hints at the possibility of him returning in a future title.
Once again, we have Eclipse aka "Sensei Hanzo" to thank for the English translation!

"At the base of Babel, a figure enters the elevator after Moniqa and Zeno left. Copen, the boy clad in white armor, pushes his wounded body and finds the object he was looking for lying on the floor of the elevator that had just returned to Earth. It's a revolver, a memento from the father that was taken from him. He curses his own weakness, and apologizes to his father in heaven. The gun is stained with a dark red liquid: the blood of the accursed man who attacked Copen and stole his gun. Blood that carries the genes of the ultimate septima, the Azure Striker."

Wow, talk about intense! I really do hope to see Copen again Gunvolt 2, though. He was definitely one of my favorite characters!
Translation Source

Azure Striker Gunvolt Press Kit Review

Heya all! This is a video review I made a couple months back for the Azure Striker Gunvolt Press Kit I received from 8-4 Play's Mark MacDonald back when the game had just recently released. It features a Super-Famicom mock-up cart and instruction manual for the game. While the cart is essentially useless from a non-collector's standpoint since it won't play in a real Super-Famicom (heck, I don't even think it has a computer chip inside it, lol), an eShop download code for the game is located on the label of the item, which I thought was a really cool idea!
This video's old, but as I haven't seen any other video reviews showcasing this extremely rare item, I thought I'd go ahead and post it here anyway. Enjoy, folks!

Friday, May 1, 2015

A Spark In The Dark

Man, is this some amazing artwork or what? I'm really loving the hand-painted style that the artist applied to this picture! Seriously too cool!

Huge props to Nurinaki on Deviantart, who made this art!

"Azure" Stage Dialogue (True Ending) *Major Spoilers*

"Azure" Stage Dialogue              

[Carrera Fight]
Gunvolt: I don't have time to be dealing with you.
Carrera: Hahahaha! Come now, no need to be so reserved.
Carrera: Try and defeat me -- if you dare!
Gunvolt: Whatever you want.
Joule: *GV...*
Joule: *As long as my song is protecting you, you can't lose.*
Carrera: Hm? From whence doth that woman's voice come?
Carrera: You fiend! Thou art not alone!
Gunvolt: ...
Carrera: Well, it matters not. I like the look in your eyes!
Carrera: That is what I desire!
Carrera: The value in victory comes from defeating a strong enemy!
Carrera: O heavens, grant me the strength to defeat this demon before me!

"Idolatry" (Firmament) Stage Dialogue *Spoilers*

"Idolatry" Stage Dialogue:

Nova: Heh... It looks like he's come to save the captured princess.
Nova: See, Lumen?
Nova: Or should I say, Joule?
Joule: ...
Joule: *GV...*

"Spintronics" Stage Dialogue

"Spintronics" Stage Dialogue:

Zeno: Your target's the main server in this facility.
Zeno: If you can destroy that, then this place is done for.
Gunvolt: Got it. I'll try to find the server.

Gunvolt: This looks like a magnetic lift.
Zeno: Magnetic, huh? That means you can pull it to you with your Flashfield.
Zeno: It's time for the electro middle schooler to do his stuff!
Gunvolt: What?
Gunvolt: I mean, I am in middle school, but what does that have to do with anything?

"Conflagration" Stage Dialogue

"Conflagration" Stage Dialogue:

Asimov: I've just sighted helicopters full of Sumeragi soldiers heading to your location.
Asimov: Looks like they noticed you.
Asimov: I'll shoot down what I can from here, but I can't get all of them.
Asimov: Some of them will probably make it onto the train.
Gunvolt: These missions can never just go smoothly, can they?
Gunvolt: Guess I'll just have to take out all the enemies I see.
Asimov: Luckily, this is a self-driving train.
Asimov: Even if you take out everyone on board, it will still take you to the plant on its own.
Asimov: Good luck, GV.

A Proper Introduction

Heya all, and welcome to this little corner of the Internet that I like to call "Skybane's Gunvault"!

In case you don't know who I am, I generally go by the screen name "Skybane_Zero". I'm an uber Mega Man fan, Inti Creates enthusiast, no-damage speedrunner, etc. Among the things I'm notable for, I won a Mega Man 10 speedrun contest that Capcom-Unity hosted a couple years back by clearing Solar Man's stage the fastest among everyone. I also run a Mega Man Legends Facebook page called "100,000 Strong For Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3" (aka "GetMeOffTheMoon"), which has garnered some considerable support since the MML3 project was unjustly cancelled in 2011. We've done some pretty cool stuff over the years, such as launching a full-fledged MML3-themed rocket as a publicity stunt, making a sweet MML3 Concept Album (which you can download in two parts here [remixes] and here [originals]) with the help of our members, presenting neat gifts to the Capcom-Unity team, and, the project that I'm proudest of, developing an actual Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype 8-bit game with the help of our JP branch! Seriously, check that game out because it's incredibly sweet!
Anyway, mainly thanks to my position in this cause, I've had the opportunity to meet and interview such people as Inti Creates President Takuya Aizu, "The Father of Mega Man" Keiji Inafune (who even drew Mega Man for me when I met him!), Mega Man Legends singer Reika Morishita, and Mark MacDonald of 8-4. In short, it's been a pretty wild ride ever since I got involved with GMOTM!

But cutting more to the chase, what you may or may not have known about me if you only followed GMOTM, is the fact that I'm a massive, massive, massive Gunvolt enthusiast! I've been a fan of Inti Creates since they put out my absolute favorite series of all-time "Mega Man Zero" for the GBA and I also loved the Mega Man ZX series, so you can imagine my delight when I first heard that Inti was developing this other incredibly fast-paced action game called "Azure Striker Gunvolt"! I pretty much couldn't have asked for anything more. While it was true that, at the time, Mighty No. 9 had also just been announced, I was still way more psyched for Gunvolt because the gameplay looked so similar to the Zero and ZX series', both of which were near and dear to my heart. Like, seriously, I'd played those games so much that I was able to do no-damage speedruns in them. And man, the artwork looked so cool, too! I was just too pleased.

Fast-forward to today and I've now S+ ranked every mission, gotten some insanely high scores, and accumulated quite a sizable collection of Gunvolt stuff:
(My Gunvolt Collection. Pictured above are the four Gunvolt soundtracks "The Armed Blue Gunvolt Official Soundtrack", "Justice Rage", "Azure Phosphorescence" and "Admiration to Peace"; Level Up Studios' Gunvolt T-shirt; the Gunvolt Super Famicom mock-up cart (PR exclusive); my 3DS XL displaying the amazing Gunvolt 3DS theme and game; and last but not least, pictured in the middle, a Gunvolt print that I had signed by Keiji Inafune, Takuya Aizu (Inti Creates President), and Yoshihisa Tsuda (Director of Gunvolt).

So yeah, I'm pretty much a Gunvolt super-fan--which is why I decided to make this fan-site! As the description below the site's header notes, I will be using this blog to cover any and all Gunvolt news, cut dialogue from the English version of the game, merch reviews, gameplay tips, etc. I've already created sections for the cut Joule/Cyan conversations, cut stage dialogue, and drama tracks, which I'll be expanding upon in the near future. You can find tabs for those categories just below the header of this site for now.
Anyway, I guess that's about it. I hope you all are looking forward to the content I'll be posting!

Please enjoy your stay, and thanks for checking out my site!
- Skybane_Zero

Cut Joule/Cyan Conversations *Updated*

UPDATE: As of August 28, 2015, all of the Joule conversations have been translated by Inti Creates for the Steam version of the game, which I guess renders this post useless now. Still, for those who like to compare translations (such as myself), I'll be keeping this up for future reference.

Heya all! This post covers most of the Joule conversations that were in the Japanese version of Gunvolt, but cut when the game was localized for us English-speakers. They featured full voice acting and covered many subjects that couldn't be found anywhere else in Gunvolt, such as the fact that GV and Joule go to school, GV wears glasses normally, Joule's a horrible cook, etc. They really bring out the personalities of the characters and, in short, they're just so fun to read!
These were mostly translated by a super dedicated fan named Starky100 on GameFAQs. His thread was unfortunately archived due to inactivity, but you can still view it here. For the sake of convenience, I've reproduced all the conversations below. Enjoy, folks!

Even though it's late at night, there's still a light on in the kitchen.
When I go into the kitchen to have a look, Joule is standing in the kitchen.
Joule: "A little bit of soy sauce..."
It seems that she's following a recipe on her smartphone that she found on some cooking site.
Joule: "A dash of Mirin... A dash? What's a dash? How much would that be...?"
I feel like teaching her everything myself, but being overly protective is a bad thing...
I pretend I didn't see anything and return to my room.


"Abyss" Stage Dialogue

"Abyss" Stage Dialogue:

Gunvolt: I've infiltrated the base. That was almost too easy...
Moniqa: It might be a trap. Be careful.

[First enemy]
Gunvolt: An enemy!
Gunvolt: They must've noticed me.
Moniqa: We don't have a choice now. You'll just have to take it out.