Monday, March 28, 2016

Cyan's Story (A Gunvolt Side-Story From Dengeki Nintendo)

Heya folks. So, I have something really cool to present today! The past three issues of Dengeki Nintendo have featured a really interesting Cyan side-story, which just recently concluded. While it doesn't reveal many things that are relevant to the plot of Gunvolt, it is an incredibly fun read. It strikes you as one of those stories that would be in the "Admiration To Peace" drama track album. By that I mean that it's lighthearted, funny, and very captivating! I daresay that you folks will find yourself laughing out loud at different intervals in the narrative!
Anyway, huge thanks to the illustrious Zoram Selrof for the exceptional translation! I can't imagine that converting such a large story as this to English was a very easy task, so major props to him for going the extra mile to bring us English fans all this extra Gunvolt content!

Without further ado, you can read "Cyan's Story" below after the jump!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Biggest Takuya Aizu Gunvolt Interview That You'll Ever Read

Heya folks! So, a couple days ago, I had the honor of interviewing Inti Creates President Takuya Aizu again during his visit to GDC 2016. The main topic of the interview was Azure Striker Gunvolt and its sequel, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, although a couple other topics were also touched upon, such as the ending of Mega Man Zero 4 and whether Zero might still be alive. It was overall a very enlightening discussion! Aizu-san was kind enough to provide some very detailed responses to a number of difficult questions! He was even so generous as to reveal some new details about Gunvolt 2 to me! I was able to ask over thirty questions in total.

You can catch the interview in its entirety below after the jump! Hope you folks enjoy it! Special thanks to Matt Papa for acting as our translator.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Have Your Questions Answered by Takuya Aizu of Inti Creates!

So, I thought you folks might be interested to know that I'll be interviewing Inti Creates President Takuya Aizu this week during his visit to GDC 2016. The interview will revolve around Inti's past and future titles, including, but not limited to, Gunvolt 2!

I have a number of questions of my own that I'm dying to ask Aizu-san, but I imagine that I'm definitely not the only one. Ever since that flood of Gunvolt 2 news came in a few weeks back, there's just been so much to wonder about! Hence, in addition to my own questions, I've decided to gather questions from you folks to ask in the interview as well.

If you have something that you'd like to ask Takuya Aizu, sound off in the comments below! Hope to see some good questions!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lazy Kingdom Drama Tracks Translated

E45LP3 of Youtube has recently finished translating the latest Gunvolt drama track album, entitled Lazy Kingdom. This album covers the expanded backstories of Merak and Elise, and among the most relevant information, it tells how Elise was captured by Sumeragi. It's overall just a really fun set of tracks to listen to, as you might expect from anything involving Merak. I particularly found the "Interlude" track hilarious for reasons that you'll discover! Gotta say, though, I think it's kinda interesting how Merak seems to come off as less laid-back here than in the game.

The translations are a bit rough in some places, but overall, they're understandable. You can listen to the first track below, or catch the full playlist for the album here!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Hi-Res Version of Gunvolt 2 Cover-Art

So, ever since the latest Nintendo Direct ended and Gunvolt 2 news started spreading like wildfire, I've been looking around for a hi-res version of the Gunvolt 2 cover-art. With all the stuff in that image, you really want to examine it as thoroughly as possible to get a complete appreciation for the artwork. As I'm sure a number of you know, though, it's difficult to closely study an image that's not terribly large--which is why I set off to find a bigger image!

After conducting an extensive search, I managed to find just what I was looking for via I thought about just updating my last GV2 post with this info, but I thought this news was deserving of its own post. That said, I updated my last post as well. :P

You can check out the full-size image here! I don't know about you folks, but I'm getting this printed as a poster!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Gunvolt 2 Details and Trailer From Today's Nintendo Direct *UPDATED*

Well, I don't think anyone saw this coming, especially so soon after Magfest! Today's Nintendo Direct just released some new information about Gunvolt 2, in addition to some exclusive gameplay footage from the title. Among the most important details that were announced, Copen was confirmed as a new playable character, and we received a new release window for Gunvolt 2.