Thursday, July 28, 2016

Check Out This Concept Art Featuring GV's Street Clothes

Earlier today, Inti Creates shared some new Gunvolt concept art on their social media accounts. This art features GV in his street clothes and Ouka. Interestingly, it depicts GV in different normal attire from what we see in the "Admiration to Peace" drama track album. In official art drawn for the "Karaoke" track, we see him wearing what appears to be a hoodie. I guess GV's just like the rest of us and doesn't like to wear the same clothes every day. :P

The image also includes a note from the official artist. While it's entirely in Japanese, Tavi on Twitter was kind enough to provide a translation. I've reproduced this translation below for the sake of convenience. Thanks, Tavi!
I was thinking of something that's not too fashionable but also easier to wear. I came to the conclusion that he would like wearing something that hides his body (yknow the muscles) so that they wouldn't stand out. Keeps the pendant on because it allows Prevasion. Also please change the hair color back. o(^▽^)o'

Additionally, in the post where they shared this image, Inti Creates revealed that Ouka is two years older than GV, which essentially makes her 16. Pretty intriguing!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Latest Gunvolt 2 Gameplay Footage From Inti Broadcast Subbed

During Inti Creates' stream on Nico Live earlier today, gameplay footage from Nike's stage in Gunvolt 2 was showcased. While most of this footage contained stuff that we've seen before, we got a look at a nice amount of new stage dialogue. We also got to see RoRo's Song of Diva in action for the first time. Zoram was kind enough to subtitle this video and shoot it my way. You can give it a watch and dissect it for yourselves below!

A particularly interesting thing to note in this video is how Nike brings up Panthera (Zonda) at 7:52, saying "A visitor will come to interfere with our comrade's dream... With Panthera's dream..." She goes further to assert that her mission "is to protect Panthera." Interesting, huh? Why is Nike (apparently) so loyal to Panthera? It's hard to say for sure at the moment, but here's hoping we find out the answer in Gunvolt 2.

Also of note at the beginning of the video is the green "Timid" bar seen on the stage select screen. I've seen a couple people speculate that this indicates the game's current difficulty setting, but I'm personally wondering if it's more of a time ranking, since the bar is positioned directly below Nike's stage time. 6:09:16 does seem pretty slow for a normal boss stage, so I could see how it'd warrant a not-so-flattering rank like "Timid."

More Gunvolt 2 Song Previews From Latest Inti Broadcast

Inti Creates hosted another livestream on their Nico Live channel today where they featured some new song previews from Gunvolt 2. These songs are "Parallel World" by Cyan and "Lapis Moment" by RoRo. You can give 'em a listen below! Thanks to Perfectly Nintendo for uploading these previews to Youtube!

Inti also showed off some previously unseen dialogue with Nike, the hair-controlling adept, during their stream. This dialogue contains something pretty interesting, but I don't have translations on hand at the moment. Stay tuned for news on that front, though!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Introducing "Tenjian," Nike" and "Nimrod" of the G7

Wow, do I have a lot of information to share today! A couple days ago, various Japanese gaming news outlets shared more new information on the bosses of Gunvolt 2. These bosses include Nike, the hair-controlling adept (whom we've seen previously), and two other newly-revealed characters named "Tenjian" and "Nimrod." You can read all the details below the jump! As always, thanks a ton to Zoram for the translations!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gunvolt News Round-Up 7/9/2016 *UPDATED*

Wow, there's certainly been quite a lot Gunvolt news over the past couple days! So much so that it's been a bit difficult for me to keep up with it all (especially in light of SGDQ, which has had me pretty hooked this week). This post will endeavor to make up for lost time and cover all the relevant tidbits of Gunvolt info that have surfaced over the last few days.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

US Release Dates for Gunvolt 2 and Striker Pack Confirmed; Gunvolt OVA Announced *UPDATED*

Image source: AllGamesDelta on Twitter
Just announced at Inti Creates' and Inafune's panel at Anime Expo, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 will be releasing in the US on September 30. What's more, on the same day, The Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack will also be heading to our shores! The Striker Pack will be receiving a $29.99 retail release. As was previously rumored, it will be published by Yacht Club Games. Gunvolt 2 alone will be $14.99 on the 3DS eShop.
Image source: ChrisCuber on Twitter
UPDATE: 1st official English trailer for the Striker Pack uploaded by Inti. Interesting to note in this trailer is the fact that it highlights dialogue from the Japanese Voiceover Mode in GV1's Steam version. This would appear to mean that GV1 will contain all the cut 3DS dialogue in the Striker Pack.

Inti Creates also announced that a Gunvolt OVA will be coming out this Winter. Details about this anime are slim at the moment, but I'll leave you with this amazing official trailer that Inti Creates showed off at their panel! Enjoy!
Artwork for the anime; image source: OPRainfall on Twitter
How about that? Gotta say, my brain is scattered all over the place right now! This is one seriously glorious day to be a Gunvolt fan!