Friday, May 1, 2015

A Proper Introduction

Heya all, and welcome to this little corner of the Internet that I like to call "Skybane's Gunvault"!

In case you don't know who I am, I generally go by the screen name "Skybane_Zero". I'm an uber Mega Man fan, Inti Creates enthusiast, no-damage speedrunner, etc. Among the things I'm notable for, I won a Mega Man 10 speedrun contest that Capcom-Unity hosted a couple years back by clearing Solar Man's stage the fastest among everyone. I also run a Mega Man Legends Facebook page called "100,000 Strong For Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3" (aka "GetMeOffTheMoon"), which has garnered some considerable support since the MML3 project was unjustly cancelled in 2011. We've done some pretty cool stuff over the years, such as launching a full-fledged MML3-themed rocket as a publicity stunt, making a sweet MML3 Concept Album (which you can download in two parts here [remixes] and here [originals]) with the help of our members, presenting neat gifts to the Capcom-Unity team, and, the project that I'm proudest of, developing an actual Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype 8-bit game with the help of our JP branch! Seriously, check that game out because it's incredibly sweet!
Anyway, mainly thanks to my position in this cause, I've had the opportunity to meet and interview such people as Inti Creates President Takuya Aizu, "The Father of Mega Man" Keiji Inafune (who even drew Mega Man for me when I met him!), Mega Man Legends singer Reika Morishita, and Mark MacDonald of 8-4. In short, it's been a pretty wild ride ever since I got involved with GMOTM!

But cutting more to the chase, what you may or may not have known about me if you only followed GMOTM, is the fact that I'm a massive, massive, massive Gunvolt enthusiast! I've been a fan of Inti Creates since they put out my absolute favorite series of all-time "Mega Man Zero" for the GBA and I also loved the Mega Man ZX series, so you can imagine my delight when I first heard that Inti was developing this other incredibly fast-paced action game called "Azure Striker Gunvolt"! I pretty much couldn't have asked for anything more. While it was true that, at the time, Mighty No. 9 had also just been announced, I was still way more psyched for Gunvolt because the gameplay looked so similar to the Zero and ZX series', both of which were near and dear to my heart. Like, seriously, I'd played those games so much that I was able to do no-damage speedruns in them. And man, the artwork looked so cool, too! I was just too pleased.

Fast-forward to today and I've now S+ ranked every mission, gotten some insanely high scores, and accumulated quite a sizable collection of Gunvolt stuff:
(My Gunvolt Collection. Pictured above are the four Gunvolt soundtracks "The Armed Blue Gunvolt Official Soundtrack", "Justice Rage", "Azure Phosphorescence" and "Admiration to Peace"; Level Up Studios' Gunvolt T-shirt; the Gunvolt Super Famicom mock-up cart (PR exclusive); my 3DS XL displaying the amazing Gunvolt 3DS theme and game; and last but not least, pictured in the middle, a Gunvolt print that I had signed by Keiji Inafune, Takuya Aizu (Inti Creates President), and Yoshihisa Tsuda (Director of Gunvolt).

So yeah, I'm pretty much a Gunvolt super-fan--which is why I decided to make this fan-site! As the description below the site's header notes, I will be using this blog to cover any and all Gunvolt news, cut dialogue from the English version of the game, merch reviews, gameplay tips, etc. I've already created sections for the cut Joule/Cyan conversations, cut stage dialogue, and drama tracks, which I'll be expanding upon in the near future. You can find tabs for those categories just below the header of this site for now.
Anyway, I guess that's about it. I hope you all are looking forward to the content I'll be posting!

Please enjoy your stay, and thanks for checking out my site!
- Skybane_Zero

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