Thursday, November 19, 2015

Embark on a Text Adventure With Gunvolt on DOS! (UPDATED)

So, some of you may remember that during Inti Creates' visit to PAX Prime earlier this year, they gave away some obscure Gunvolt floppy disks to the attendees at their panel. These disks contained an equally obscure"text adventure" wherein you were required to input specific keyboard commands in order to progress through various sequences. Suffice to say that it was pretty basic. Nonetheless, Inti Creates recently decided to make this game available to everyone online by converting it into a browser game. You can check it out in all its broken English (yeah, 8-4's at it again) here:

...Oh, right, you do need a code to start the game, don't you? Well... I did manage to figure it out, but you certainly don't expect me to spill the beans, do you? No sir, I'd never go ahead and say that the code is "Gunvolt".
......................Oh snap.

UPDATE: By way of KiwiKamikaze on GameFAQs, I've discovered the second code you need to progress through the "story" of this game. It's "5UM3R461", which is... well, basically "Sumeragi" written in l33t. Go figure! :P
Thanks, Kiwi!