Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Oversurge, Azure Striker!" Gunvolt 2 Now Available Digitally!

Welp, the long wait is over, folks, and the digital version of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 has finally arrived on our shores! You can now pick it up on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for the cool price of $13.49. The file size is 3,728 blocks. It will be followed closely by the physical Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack on October 4, which will be priced at $29.99.

I'd imagine that there are a number of people who are waiting for their copies of the Striker Pack to experience Gunvolt 2, but for those of you picking up the digital version today, I hope you have a blast playing it! I know that I certainly will, at any rate!

If you'd like to share your thoughts on the game, feel free to sound off in the comments below! Now, if you'll all excuse me, I have an urgent appointement with my 3DS that will probably last a few hours.


  1. That's twice the file size of the original. Guess all that Japanese voice acting really adds up.

  2. I think I read back when GV1 was released that the Jap ver and the cut US version file size was more or less the same... That asides, it's obvious that the file size is bigger since there are far more voices and more content.

    1. The English version was actually much smaller than the Japanese version. The JP version required 3150 blocks, while the EN version took 2623.

  3. Just beat GV's side of things and got the bad ending.
    The game is noticeably harder than the first one.
    A lot of the game's dialogue has had me chuckling or beaming because of how funny it is. The interactions between GV, Joule, Xiao, and Quinn are better than I expected- I didn't think there would be much synergy.

    The game earned it's T rating, with 5 out of 7 primary curse words in the English language appearing(notable moments include GV saying "Go to hell!" and Copen labeling Adepts as bastards- something Xiao also labelled Eden). So, the counterparts to gack and jitt are the only ones to not appear in the game. Without profanity I'd still say it's a pretty solid T rating, what with Gibril's masochistic crush on GV and a certain other boss character you probably know of- as well as things like Quinn inviting GV to take a bath with her.

    Gotten mostly S ranks, with the penultimate mission on GV's side being an A rank and the "final" mission being a C (probably relates to my one resurrection of the playthrough that seemed to actually be plot-mandated). Really like the Cautious option- it makes kudos much easier to manage (three hits before they drain + regenerating at checkpoints/using an offensive skill).

    One thing, though- what on earth happened to GV's stationary lightningball shown in trailers and the vertical thunderbolt attack from the 4gamer info dump? I'm level 38 and haven't seen hide or hair of them.

    Taking a break from it and will try to knock out Copen's side of things tomorrow. I'm not sure whether I love or hate Ghauri's voice, but I'll probably be forced to make my decision then.

    1. The skills are hidden in the levels. Vertical is in Gibrilxs level past the monolith door you can jump over. The stationary ball is in Teseo's stage hidden in a wall under a movable platform in the vertical section before the Flashfield platforms.

    2. The door you can jump over is also the one that leads directly to Gibril btw. There's a whole area behind it, when you jump over.

  4. I tried to download this game during school, but the wifi wouldn't let my 3DS access it. I had to wait until I got home to do it and you have no idea how excited I was once I got back. I'm having a blast playing ASG2! It reminds me of Mega Man X4 honestly (particularly the opening stage. I dunno, I just get Sky Lagoon (X4) vibes).

    I'm especially DIGGIN' this soundtrack! I'm glad it's all over youtube so I can bop my head to tracks like Gunvolt's Opening Stage, Teseo's Stage and that Boss Theme!

    "Oversurge, Azure Striker!" indeed!

  5. I'm loving this game. I finished Copen's story yesterday and am almost done with GV. The localization seems better, though odd in some places. I mean, half of what Ghauri says is English already, so it's kinda jarring hearing him speaking English and reading some different. Other than that, great game!

  6. Honestly, the "ad-libbed extra character text" came off more as fleshing out what was implied in the original Japanese- implications that wouldn't carry over in a straight translation due to the differences between the two languages.

    It really isn't that noticeable; just a couple small things here and there. Overall, I'm enjoying the localization much more than the 1st ones- 8-4 has a decent track record of doing things well when under supervision, compared to just being let loose.
    Though I must make a statement- the cut text from the first game wasn't really 8-4's doing. From what has been said, it seemed like a conscious decision in Inti's part to get the game stateside ASAP.

  7. Like Daniel M. says, the recent Aizu and Tsuda broadcast implied that the cut text was a hasty decision by Inti to make localization easier and faster and they've been working on a patch to fix that in the 3DS version which should come out "soon".

  8. The game earned it's T rating, with 5 out of 7 primary curse words in the English language appearing(notable moments include GV saying "Go to hell!" and Copen labeling Adepts as bastards- something Xiao also labelled Eden).
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