Friday, October 14, 2016

JP Voice Mode Patch For Digital Ver. of GV1 to Release on October 20!

Rejoice, folks! Inti Creates has just announced by way of their last Twitch stream and blog that the long-awaited Japanese Voice Mode patch for the EN 3DS version of GV1 will be releasing on October 20! For those not in the know, the Japanese Voice Mode is a game mode that re-includes a bunch of content that was cut from the initial 3DS EN release of the first Gunvolt title. This entails stuff like the real-time dialogue, additional Joule conversations and original Japanese voices in the cutscenes. What's more, this mode features an English script that has been re-translated from the ground up in a very faithful manner to the original Japanese version. In short, it pretty much sets the English version on equal grounds with the Japanese version. It's taken quite a long time for Inti Creates to put this patch out, but believe it or not, we'll finally be able to download it for our digital copies of GV1 as soon as next week!

In the meantime, I would advise you to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of space on your 3DS SD card: I estimate that this update's going to take up around 500 blocks (at any rate, that's how much data was taken out of the initial 3DS EN release).


  1. Way too late!
    I remember being promised all that dialogue from the first Azure Striker Gunvolt trailer and was severely disappointed when it was cut.
    It was then given to steam a year later.
    And this year to the Azure Striker pack.
    Better late than never but I'm still disappointed in them.
    At least they learnt from their mistake with 2.

  2. Finally!
    Also, the retweet you made about "8-4's heavy handedness" ended up instead showing that things were largely the same. Localization is never straight translation- even the Japanese Voice Mode has it's differences from the fan translations.

  3. That was a rather long wait, but it's better late than never.


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