Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nintendo Everything Talks With Inti Creates About Scrapped Ideas, Amiibo Interest, Gunvolt 3 and More!

Nintendo Everything recently had a chance to sit down with Inti Creates' President Takuya Aizu and Gunvolt series Director Yoshihisa Tsuda for an exclusive Gunvolt-oriented interview. Some really fascinating things were discussed, including the team's interest in making a Gunvolt amiibo, their eagerness to produce a Mighty Gunvolt 2, the new Gunvolt anime, and more! They also talked at length about some ideas from Gunvolt 2 that had to be scrapped. One of these ideas is particularly fascinating: Apparently, early on in GV2's development, Copen was planned to be the only playable character. And GV? He was actually going to be the game's main antagonist!

From Nintendo Everything's Interview:
Tsuda: In the earlier days of Gunvolt 2’s development, we originally going to make Copen the only playable character, with a mask-wearing Gunvolt appearing as the new top dog of the Sumeragi Group (the evil organization from Gunvolt 1). He would be in the game as a boss character, appearing before Copen in mid-air surrounded by 1000 Glaives that he would use to transform. If you beat Gunvolt, he would be unlocked as a playable character, but due to varying circumstances we changed things to what you see in the game now.
Man, how about that? All said and done, though, I'm happy that they decided to keep GV as a playable character. That said, I gotta say that I still am a little bummed that that masked GV design didn't end up used in the full game. Woulda been cool!

Anyway, you can check out Nintendo Everything's full interview with Inti Creates here! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


  1. Man, I'm glad they decided not to make GV the villain, though they could still use the Gunvolt Sumeragi design if they decide to reveal that there are GV clones or something. I'm happy to hear that it's confirmed the OVA is actually a side-story and not an abridging of the original; I love how they keep looking to expand the lore and story through multimedia.

  2. Glad that the OVA is going to be a "gaiden" work rather than an adaption of the original.
    And that whole bit of GV being the main antagonist really seems like a crazy pre-production idea. That said, I still love the masked GV design.

    1. Actually, the part about GV becoming the next main antagonist sounds suspiciously like the original story premise of Megaman Zero, with X (instead of a flawed replica) becoming the main villain of the series. Given Tsuda's love of Megaman references, he likely meant that as a call-back joke.

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